The Book of Judah

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Join Thousands who have discovered the truth of their identity.  From the best selling author of 'Truth Hurts', comes 'The Book of Judah'.  A historical & biblical account of the children of the patriarch called Judah, son of Jacob. 

According to the Bible, the Devil will deceive the whole world & prevent many from finding the true Savior, called Christ.  The Book of Revelations tells us a great mystery which has been ignored by all religions including the Christian Church in America & worldwide.

The Kingdom of Christ has 12 Gates. Each gate is named after one of the 12 sons of Jacob. There is no gate for Buddhist, Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, nor Christians, yet many are unaware of this scriptural fact.  In this book you will discover the true yet secret history of the Israelite & more specifically the children of Judah. Finally the truth is made plain in this book for getting in the Kingdom of Heaven. Get the Truth, understand it, then spread it. Shalom. 


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